The Children’s Campaign,
“Who we are” campaign Documentation.

At The Children’s Campaign I took on the task of redesigning all of their campaign documentation because most of the old documentation was out of date. On to of working with the policy and communication teams to update the content, I also graphically redesigned the documents using Photoshop.
Voices for Florida,
Voice’s for Florida Handout

Voice’s for Florida was an advocacy group that The Children’s Campaign works with. Their Documentation was often passed out through our events considering how closely our causes matched up. As a result I also redesigned documentation for them as well.

Project Documentation

Self Driving Cars Research report, LIS3201 Research and Data Analysis

For this class a group of 4 classmates, including myself, had to undertake a research project of our choice that pertained to the IT field. Our team chose to research people’s thoughts and willingness to buy a self-driving car. In this research project we had to prepare surveys and issue them to appropriate candidates. Once we had gathered a significant sample we had to process and analyze what we had found in a formal report and presentation.
Term Paper LIS4774
Information Security

This paper was the main assignment for the first cyber security class offered at Florida State University. In this paper a team of peers and I analyze the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in an apache web server.

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